4 Great Reasons to Buy Vintage Eyewear

ed and sarna cd 4 reasons blog

As you reading this blog you probably are curious about the world of vintage eyewear and the reason it is having such a big resurgence in the last few years. Celebrities are now spotted wearing rare vintage sunglasses. Fashion week in London, New York and Paris are always a catwalk for the bloggers to wear their most treasured pieces of eyewear. We feel the source of the resurgence is actually very simple and can be put down to the 4 reasons below...

1. Unbeatable Quality

Unfortunately the rise of mass consumerism in the late 1990s and the licensing off of brand names to the highest bidder has left eyewear lovers with a bum deal. Today over 90% of the world's eyewear is manufactured by 2 companies. This was not always the case from the 1900s to early 1990s each design house would operate out of multiple factories with ultra high quality hand made frames being made across Europe, the USA and Japan.

2. Unique style

We are all different and we don't all think, sound or dress alike and why should your eyewear be any different? As many of our frames are one offs you can make sure that you really stand out. Also we offer a full range of lens customisation options allowing you to create your perfect pair that are just right for you. 

3. Better Prices 

As the cost of re-lensing has fallen due to technological advancement and factories having to clear through their old stock to make way for new lines we are able to offer designer frames consistently at around 30% cheaper than the newest range.

4. More Ethical 

By choosing to buy vintage frames you are doing your bit from the environment by refusing to add to growing pollution through over consumption. All Ed & Sarna vintage sunglasses and eye glasses have never been worn before, they are not second hand but actual new old stock. We refit the majority of our frames with new CR39 UV400 lens as often after being stored in warehouses for over 30 years the lenses will have become scratched.